Frequently Asked Fitness Questions

WHY, Not HOW, You NEED To Lose Weight!

Everyone knows how to lose weight. If you don’t, a quick google search will answer your question. But do you know WHY you need to lose weight? This is often less talked about but that’s EXACTLY what I go over in this...

Are Fruits and Vegetables Good or Bad?

This might sound crazy to you (and should) but there are specialized diets out there that say you should exclude certain fruits and vegetables from your diet. While some fruits and vegetables might be higher in sugar compared to other fruits or vegetables, what are...

The Best Foods For Weight Loss- FAFQ Episode 11

Learning how to eat healthy can be confusing. Do you eat this food or that food? It seems like you hear something different every single day. However I’m going to make it simple for you. In this video, I tell what the best foods for weight loss...

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