The Beginning…

I got into fitness when I was about 13 with one goal in mind. To get a six pack so every girl would like me. After doing a thousand crunches every single night for over a year, there were still no girls as well as no abs. What the hell? That didn’t make sense to me. That’s when I began to look deeper into nutrition and training and my love for fitness had begun. I engulfed myself in all of the information I could (a lot of it being wrong) because I was so eager to learn more. As time passed and I gained more knowledge, I decided to go to college to do what I had a passion for; To be a weightlifter. Unfortunately, I found out quickly that Penn State didn’t have a degree for that but they did have a degree option called fitness studies. What could be better than utilizing my passion to not only learn more about it, but to also use it as a way to help others achieve their goals.

Where we are now

I graduated in the summer of 2016 from The Pennsylvania State University with my degree, as already stated, in fitness studies. However, I obviously chose to do things a little differently. Rather than looking to get a personal training job for a chain gym, I chose to start Transparent Training. I was tired of seeing people have amazing before and after pictures but something always went wrong in the after-after picture. “what was happening?” I asked myself. Then it hit me. For fitness to work in your life, it has to be more than surface level results. A six pack won’t make you happy, I promise. But being able to play with your grandchildren or ride the rollercoaster with your children are the real reasons that fitness sticks with people.

Plans for the future

I’m going to change the way every single person thinks about fitness. No more boring exercise routines. No more disgusting diets. I’m going to set the new standard in personal training. My ultimate goal is for my clients to look back and say “Wow, Ben kept his promise. He really did change my life.”

I’m not going to stop until I’m able to help all 7 billion people on this planet in some way or another.

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