We are the first website to provide full transparency to training plans

If you feel that IMDB scores are helpful when deciding which movie to watch, that Amazon scores help you choose the right book and that Google Maps ratings help you decide when going to a restaurant, we are glad to say that we will do exactly the same when it comes to training plans.

Why would you risk spending hours and hours every week on training plan that might be poorly written and much less effective than some other plans?

No more fake coaches. No more lies. Best plans get the best scores from actual users.

Training revolution is here

Let's be honest for a moment.

Reality is that we live in a time where sharing feedback is fast and easy. Therefore, many decisions can be made with more certainty.

Our goal is to bring the same level of clarity to training plans.

Welcome to Transparent Training. Plans that we offer have real reviews, just like Amazon's products, movies, or restaurants. Our goal is to help you find the best plan for yourself, based on experience from real people.

We source training plans from professional trainers and we let people say what they really feel about these plans. We don't personally create these plans, and therefore have no reason to promote one or the other. Our goal is to create a platform where the best training plan will win and where we help you make a decision that can influence your life.

We hope that you will leave a review after you start with your plan, and help someone else achieve their training goals.

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