About gym plans


It is an ongoing debate how often should you train and which split between muscle groups should you do.


Reality, based on a number of research paper and comments that we were able to gathers so far is that long term commitment, combined with well designed plan that suits you is the best formula for results. If you have time to go to gym 3 times per week, that is enough to have very significant results if you stay committed to your plan.


On the other hand, if you have time to train 3 times per week but would like to train 5 times per week, based on our research it is likely that soon you will have to start skip trainings due to lack of time and will start feeling demotivated, since you cannot follow your plan on a regular basis. For any plan to work, it is crucial that you give it enough time and follow it to the best of your abilities, which is why we would recommend always choosing the plan that you think is most likely to give you consistency.


Furthermore, most 3 days plans will cover almost the same workload as 4 or 5 day plans - individual trainings will be slightly longer.


All that being said, we are not trying to claim that 3 days plan is better than 5 day plan. Professional athletes will definitely train more than 3 times per week. All we are trying to say is that consistency is the key. Individual trainings on 5 day plan are likely to be shorter than on the three day plan, and there are many people who prefer this. 







Finally, although research varies on how many times per week should you train for the best results, it is without the doubt that any plan needs time to work. Regardless of number of days that you choose, our plans are well tested and guaranteed to work. They have helped many individuals and based on hundreds of people, there is no significant difference in number of trainings per week. Any significant difference comes from your commitment, feeling of satisfaction when you follow your plan, and life changes that most people make when they follow a well designed plan.