What we do

Training revolution is here.

You can now focus on your training, knowing that you have a solid training plan, verified and tested by real users.

Our mission is to bring transparency into fitness industry.

By giving option to everyone to rate their training program and the progress they are making, we are creating a base of well tested, proven, and effective training plans.

Our goal is to create place where ambitious trainers are investing their best efforts to create ultimate fitness plans and to be rated better than other trainers. At the end of the day, that is the reason we like sport - there are simple rules to follow and someone proves to be the best.

We believe that number of Instagram followers is not the best way for trainers to show their knowledge in training other people. Not only are the followers irrelevant to the actual knowledge that person has, they can also be paid for and bought.

We respect that every single person who wants to live healthy life and do any sort of training on regular basis would be grateful to know that time and energy they are investing is put to good use.

If you are checking scores and reviews before you buy a book, watch a movie, or go to the restaurant, why would you spend significantly more time on unproven training plan, and potentially risking achieving lower results or even an injury?

Welcome to Transparent Training