Swimming Levels - approximate explanations


It is definitely hard to precisely sort so many different individuals under only three swimming categories.


We will do our best to explain swimming levels bellow, however please know that you have nothing to worry about when making initial purchase - if you feel that training program is not the best suited to your level (for any reason) just contact us and we will exchange it for something else based on your comments.


Our training levels are based on three categories:


1. Beginner plans - Training plans optimised for people just starting with training, or continuing to train after a long injury. 


2. Intermediate plans - These plans will contain trainings with goals of swimming 45 - 70 minutes during one training. Training plans will also include various heart rate levels, as well as intervals within the training itself. All this will make trainings more interesting, and will significantly increase overall fitness level.


3. Advanced plans - Plans made for people who are ready to commit to serious training load. Heart rate tracking is well recommended, as at this stage rest and pacing become important factors as well. The best time to check your heart rate is as soon as you finish the swimming set, since waiting even 30 seconds can result in 10% lower heart rate, as body quickly recovers when people have years of training experience.