Why you need a training plan


There are many reasons why your general health and training progress will benefit if you have a training plan. Some of the usual, well accepted reasons are:

- You will be more motivated when you have a clear plan

- You can track your progress

- It increases your commitment level

- It brings responsibility 

However, there are very important factors that our plans add to the reasons above. Although everything above is valid and well researched, there are other factors that you should consider if you get a training plan from our platform:

- When plan is well tested, you know that if you stick to it results will come

- You don't have to think during the day if effort you are investing is worth it - it is.

- You are more motivated if you know that you are on the right path

- You are less likely to quit the plan when you know that you are doing something that independent people, just like you, rated as effective

It is our belief that having well tested and proven training plan significantly increases chance of achieving your goals, not only by providing you with the right tools, but also by taking away many of the excuses that sooner or later start whispering to our ears. Reality is that in order to get results, plan should be not only effective, but also motivating on the long run. 

At the end, one thing is for sure - you are much more likely to achieve desired results when you chose a plan that many independent users rewarded with high scores, than if you take your chances by getting a plan that doesn't allow you to provide public feedback. You should ask yourself what are they trying to hide, and should you listen real people who reached their goals with our plans with transparent reviews, or should you spend your time on something that has main focus to promise unrealistic results, sell for high price, and then doesn't allow you to write your opinion and help other people in your shoes.